Spring Discovery Days

Spring Discovery Self-Guided Program

Tuesday–Friday, May 9–June 21, 2017
Start times from 10am to 12:00pm

This popular self-guided program now features First Nations activities and a new inquiry-based format, with stories focusing on cultural communities, seasonal change, and resource harvesting.

Teachers and chaperones lead groups of 10-12 participants through the Museum. Each group leader receives a booklet which includes a map, information on the Village stops plus the new opportunities for exploration and discovery. New activities include a scavenger hunt for Indigenous plants on site, handling a First Nations cedar bark basket, exploring our salmon-bearing creek, and a cedar grove sensory walk.

First Nations Activity Station

All groups are given a traditional welcome by our First Nations educator, Carleen Thomas, who guides an exploration of the local plants and animals in relation to First Nations territory using storytelling and an interactive map activity.

Take Home Activities

Each student receives a bush bean seed to plant in the classroom or at home, and a make-your-own heritage seed packet craft. Each class receives a metal hook, made by our blacksmith, to use in an artifact exploration activity in the classroom.

Teacher's Package

The updated package includes inquiry-based lessons and worksheets, background information on First Nations history and local plants and animals, and a list of First Nations educational resources to use in the classroom.

Please allow three hours for the visit. This self-guided school program includes a ride on our vintage carousel, a reserved lunch space, a blacksmith hook and a take-home craft; special rates apply.

This program is appropriate for K-9 including all levels of ESL.

Interim Teacher's Guide [PDF - 944 KB]